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Registration No: 2/2001
Lawyer: Lien Tanudirdja, S.H. Lawyer office
Jalan Naripan 43, Bandung, west Java, Indonesia

Dra. Rr. Innes Indreswari Soekanto, M.S.Arch
Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, Ph.D

Research Centers under PPF
Pandhito Panji Foundation (PPF) has three research centers that research in the fields of remote sensing, telecommunications, art and education :
1. Pandhito Panji Foundation - Remote Sensing Research Center (PPF-RSRC)
2. Pandhito Panji Foundation - Art Research Center (PPF-ARC)
3. Pandhito Panji Foundation - Education Research Center (PPF-ERC)

Based on the founderfs experience when studied at Chiba University, Japan and the strong purpose to promote the Indonesian education and research in science, technology and art fields; the Pandhito Panji Foundation (PPF) was found at Bandung city, Indonesia on January 9, 2001 to realize these objectives. The foundation is composed by three research centers, i.e. Remote Sensing Research Center (RSRC), Art Research Center (ARC), and Education Research Center (ERC), with headquarter office at Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Now the foundation office and facilities are prepared to move to our new research center complex with naturally mountainous environment at Bandung, west Java.

The missions of Pandhito Panji Foundation are
Serving education service for civil people with high quality education and research activities to promote Indonesian science, technology and art.
Translating overseas science, technology, and art books to Indonesian language selectively to promote and build the strong fundamental in science and technology.
Building Indonesian science, technology, and art database to support domestic and overseas researcher that choose Indonesia as study site.
Serving independent education system from elementary school to post graduate school.
Pandhito Panji Foundation Scholarship program for student at elementary school to post graduate program at domestic, especially supporting for student from poor family.
Supporting dormitory facilities for overseas student, researcher and artist who is studying or has research in Indonesia and select Indonesia as their study or research object.
PPF Objectives
The objectives of Pandhito Panji Foundation are
Serving the basic education for all Indonesian children.
Promoting the research activities in education, science, technology and art fields.
Promoting the international exchange awareness and network by research and art activities.


Blue, yellow and white colors of panji flowers for the logo of three Pandhito Panji research centers. In Japanese language, the name of this flower is same with the name of our lovely son, Johannes Pandhito Panji Herdento, that born at Chiba city, Japan. This flower is low profile and can grow everywhere to create this world very beautiful.

Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo., Ph.D


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